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HTTP POST Integration

The Textplode API consisted of a series of endpoints that you can access through standard HTTP requests


The table below lists all of our endpoints that are available for you to use in your applications

URL Function Description
http://api.textplode.com/v3/account/get/credits Allows you to view your account's credit balance More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/account/get/countries Retrieves a list of countries and their international prefixes More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/account/get/country_code_from_country Retrieves the international prefix for a specified country More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/account/login Get your API key from your login credentials More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/contacts/get/all Allows you to get a list of your contacts More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/contacts/get/blacklisted Allows you to get a list of your blacklisted contacts More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/contacts/get/contact Allows you to get information about a single contact More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/groups/get/all Allows you to get a list of your groups More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/groups/get/group Allows you to get a information about a single group More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/messages/send Allows you to send SMS Messages More Details
http://api.textplode.com/v3/messages/merge Allows you to preview SMS Messages More Details

Response Objects

All HTTP requests will return a response. This will be in the form of a JSON encoded string which can then be parsed in whichever language you choose. The response object will always contain 3 basic elements (errors, version and data). The following is an example response from the account/login request.

    [errors] => Array
            [errorCode] => 200
            [errorMessage] => OK

    [version] => v3
    [data] => Array
            [api_key] => 


Some calls may have extra data in this "root element", but data is usually contained within the "data element". Check the Response Codes page for codes you can possibly expect